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I need a place to bitch about my weight, weight loss, and other weight-related crap.  Why, hello, LiveJournal.  You're looking rather, um, receptive to bitching tonight.


So today I weighed in at a whopping 292.8.  Trust me when I say it literally made me sick to my stomach and brought tears to my eyes.

I drank 9 glasses of water today; 1.5 of that was Coke Zero.

Thanks to my lovely dinner of tomatoes, cucumbers, mozzarella and b. vinaigrette, I had more than my fair share of fruits/veggies.  Although I'm not focusing on that issue this month (that one can wait until August), I just wanted to note it here because, well, YAY ME dammit.

And I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about going to the gym with my lovely Leslie.  Excited?  Gym?  How did I even type those two words in the same sentence?   But I am.  I am also shocked that I am, but I am.  Can't wait!

I'm a daily weigher, I won't deny it, so I'll be back tomorrow with a WI and water report.